If you are just starting out on your online journey and wondering where to start then Affiliate Marketing is probably the easiest thing you can do to get started.

Samarth1612, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You don’t need your own products, customer correspondence, production facility or sales apparatus. All you need is your website and skill with the internet. You can start making money immediately because, of the many internet business models there are, Affiliate Marketing is quick and easy to get going.

This article provides simple steps on the Affiliate Marketing Basics that will guide you to a successful online business.

1. Choose a niche market: Choose a market where you have an interest or expertise with the internet. This will give you leverage in your internet business because once you identify the needs of your market, you can then provide the solutions.

2. Set up your free WordPress blog: Whilst you don’t need a website, setting up a blog will help you to promote products more effectively. This is a quick and easy way of establishing yourself in a niche market and will make you more sales and commission over time.

3. Write and post quality content to your blog: Content is king! If your blog is not full of new content, no one is going to visit your blog. This is why you must deliver top quality content to your blog as often as possible, daily if you can.

4. Write relevant product reviews and articles: Writing reviews and articles is a great way to build rapport with your audience. The more articles you write, the more people will visit your blog.

5. Promote your blog using blog and article distribution software: This allows you publish the content you’ve written on your blog and get it out there for free. Software can be used to automatically distribute your blog or article whenever you publish a new blog post.

6. Build a customer or prospect list: Not every visitor you attract to your blog, article or offer is going to purchase and those that do may purchase other offers you make. Building a list allows you to promote other products to those people, which can lead to even more sales and commissions.

Once you understand the basics of Affiliate Marketing, you will be able to create various internet marketing campaigns that you can use to promote products again and again. You just need to remember to leverage and mix and match the different internet business models to get desired effect.

All internet marketers must realize the importance of implementing and taking consistent action to improve your internet business.

Here are the major factors which contribute to the success of an affiliate business:

1. Acquiring Customers – The most important factor for successful affiliate marketing is acquiring customers from many different platforms. You cannot rely on a single source of visitors to your affiliate offers. If you want a large customer list of many thousands, you have to have a strong base from which you can launch a wide variety of campaigns, which means employing different platforms and methods to acquire more customers.

2. Targeted Traffic – The need to acquire customers is only half the equation. The other half is Targeted Traffic. TARGETED traffic is traffic which is specifically targeted to the content of your particular site or affiliate offer. The targeted traffic is required because if you do not acquire customers who are going to purchase the product you are offering, you may not succeed with other marketing techniques. So the first thing you need to do is decide on who you are trying to sell to, what it is they are looking for and then put the right offer or product in front of them.

3. Conversion Rates – Conversion rates is the most important aspect of affiliate marketing. A very important aspect of conversion rates is the fact that there are many different techniques for converting traffic to sales, the first of which is finding your ideal customer as stated previously. Once you have found your ideal customer you can then start sending out a promotional email series which may convert for a period at least three to four weeks. As previously stated, a visitor may not purchase immediately, sending out an email sequence reminding them of the benefits of the product may convert that prospect into a customer.

4. Traffic Patterns – This is the final factor which is very important in regard to affiliate marketing. You need to be constantly monitoring your visitors to your offers and your website to see where your visitors go, what blog posts they are reading, what ads they are clicking on and then optimize. This means changing your ads or changing your writing style to attract more interest to your offers. For example, if you have many ads or banners on your site but very few of your visitors click on the ads, you will have very few sales, so you may need to change the ad to one that is more appealing or for completely different products.

These four main factors are the building blocks of a successful affiliate marketing business. Affiliate marketing is considered as one of the simplest models in constant use as a business online.

By following the 6 basic steps outlined above and by remembering the 4 factors to improving and growing your online affiliate business, you can be assured of success.

The real key to being successful as an Affiliate Marketer is consistency.