I was watering my lawn this morning and thought how lush and green it was looking. Apart from the few patches I reseeded over the weekend which haven’t started growing yet, my lawn is looking the best it’s looked in a few years.

Even just a few months ago it was looking a bit worse for wear. Patches of bare earth in places where the grass just refused to grow, threadbare patches of dead or dying grass, and weeds. No matter how often you pick off the dandelion heads before they go to seed, the little yellow heads are there again the next day taunting you. And then when you do pull the weeds up, making sure to get all the root of course, you are left with loads of small holes which need to be filled in and re-seeded.

Eventually though all the hard work will be rewarded with a lush green lawn like I noticed this morning.

But what has my lawn got to do with online marketing?

Well as I’ve said it was not always that way. It has taken many years and plenty of money picking the right tools, the right seed, the right topsoil, the right feed mixture, and the right weed compound. Not to mention of course all the effort I’ve put in cutting, nurturing, weeding, reseeding, and watering every morning and every night to get it to the state it is today. And naturally it’s an ongoing project, it will never be finished, I’ll always need to put in some work to keep it growing to make sure it looks as good as it does today.

Along the way I’ve also learnt a lot about lawn care from books and the internet. I’ve spent hours and hours researching why it wouldn’t grow, how to spread seed properly, how to feed it properly, how to get rid of the pesky dandelions once and for all. I’m still fighting the dandelions by the way!

Online marketing is just the same.

It takes time to build an online business. It doesn’t happen overnight. There is no such thing as ‘Get Rich Quick’. There are so many good and bad online business models you could follow, choosing which ones work and which ones do not, takes time and money, and quite a few mistakes.

Many years ago, I originally laid some really bad turf which is why my lawn got into such a state, no matter how much I tended it, it simply refused to grow. Again the same applies, if you lay the wrong turf in your online business by choosing the wrong business model, or by taking the wrong advice, you will only find your business will flounder and eventually die.

I’ve been involved in online marketing for a few years and if I’m honest my results were pretty much the same as my lawn was a few years ago. I picked the wrong seeds, I bought into the hype of some bad products and programs, I did not seek out and follow good advice on how to feed my business and eventually it died, well not quite. I kept tending to it and feeding it, but it never really amounted to much more than a weedy, threadbare, hardly alive business.

When setting out to build an online business, you need to pick the right seeds to sow, or the right products to promote. You need to pick the right soil in which to plant your seeds, or where you to promote and sell your products, like Social Media, Websites, Blogs, Mailing Lists to name just a few.

Once you have created your first product or joined an affiliate program, you can’t just leave it to fend for itself. Just like my lawn, unless you nurture your creation and feed it properly with the right care and attention, and weed out the rubbish, it will wither and die. You need to be continually feeding your creation to generate more traffic and leads, so that it grows and produces more sales and profit. You need to work on it morning and night, watering it with new ideas and new ways to promote it’s good health on a regular basis.

As with lawn care there are a multitude of different options you can choose to feed, seed and weed your online business. Just as I had to go and learn how to tend for my lawn correctly, you need to learn how to do online marketing correctly. The best sources of information for lawn care came from experts in lawn care and so must the information you learn when you start building an online business. There was also so much bad information, like ‘this seed will give you a lush green lawn in 7 days’, or ‘this feed works miracles’ and such like. In the online business niche, there are also many so called ‘guru’s’ whose sole aim is to sell you their shiny new program with claims of instant riches, which simply do not work and of course there are always images of them with their ‘hired’ Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

But just as I’ve found with my lawn, there is a better way, a right way and this is where John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success program comes into play. If you want to know more go here: https://affiliatepro101.com/automatedsales

When you join the Partnership To Success program, John will provide you with the right training on how to start an affiliate marketing business the right way. He will provide you with the right seeds, the best Products to promote that have been proven to sell over and over again. He will provide the right tools that you will need to grow and tend to your business. He will provide the right feed to help you generate the right traffic to promote your products and continuously water them using autoresponder sequences, that are like an irrigation system constantly putting your products in front of your audience.

You do not need to spend years tending a dying business because you laid bad turf or used the wrong seed or become overwhelmed with the weeds of guru promises. You’ll be starting out with proven seeds, proven feeding tactics and with the right advice to keep your business weed free.

I wish John’s Partnership To Success program had been around when I started, because my online business could now be as lush and green as my lawn is now. Since watching John’s webinar showing how to get automated sales and success, I have learnt so much more than I’ve learnt in all the years I’ve tried, and I know that it will not be long until that day comes when I will look at the results of my efforts and feel the satisfaction that finally I have found the right seeds, the right soil, the right feed and the right expert to help me to build a successful online business.

Go and watch John’s webinar showing you how to get automated sales and success and join the Partnership To Success program here https://affiliatepro101.com/automatedsales, now, today and start cultivating your own lush, green lawn.

Graham Lee
Affiliate Pro 101